These distinctive awnings provide visible signage to commercial buildings and restaurants. Lights are normally configured to run during the evening hours which provides additional security for your employees and property.

They can also be used to reshape and hide unsightly roof components by adding uniformity and contour to your establishment.

Backlit Awnings
Backlit Awnings

A CREATIVE CANVAS CO., INC.® will design, construct, and install this style of awning for your specific location. You will find that they add a pleasant enhancement to your business, especially at night.

The dramatic illustration of the animation to your left is an example of how pleasing to the eye backlit awnings can really be.

Let your adventure begin! Dive right in and watch your business get recognized day or night... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

With this sleek and elegant presentation of your business, it is sure to bring in your patrons racing with a smile and ready to explore.

This project is located in Englewood, Colorado. Stop by and see our friends at A-1 Scuba and take a closer look.

A Favorite Backlit Awning