A CREATIVE CANVAS CO., INC.® uses Bel-Aire retractable arm products. Bel-Aire retractable awnings are the elegant way to provide shade on demand.

Bel-Aire equipped awnings include:

  • One of the longest warranties available
  • Stronger durability than comparable products on the market and preserve your investment
  • Reinforced design for the extreme weather changes in Colorado
  • Adjustable pitch and are available to fit almost any house style, shape or size with fabric choices to complement the beauty of any environment or color scheme.

Frigerio® Side Mount Retractable Awning
Standard Roof Mount Retractable Awning

These high quality awnings increase your usable living space, protecting your family from harmful UV rays, with the added benefit of reducing cooling costs. When not in use, the awning retracts discreetly against the wall using a stainless steel rivoted roller chain instead of the standard pulley cable which frays over time. Damaged pulley cables can lead to costly repairs.

We also suggest using Somfy motors and controls to make your awning retractable in one-touch! Optional wind sensor control systems allow your awnings to automatically retract in high wind conditions. Handle free... Crank free... Care free... with Somfy-powered retractable awnings.